Black and White Meets Untamed Color

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Hi everyone! A quick heads up for you all:

I don’t usually make texts posts on untamedcolor, but I felt like I owe it to you to let you know where I am/have been. (And this will be deleted in a couple days (: ) I’ve been on spring break this week and it has been a lot busier than I planned. Tomorrow (March 8) I am flying to Philadelphia and will be there through Sunday without my laptop. I had planned to queue a ton today so that you would have posts for this weekend, but it didn’t happen. I’m so sorry I have not been posting as much recently and this past week, but life has gotten a little hectic and I haven’t been able to give this blog as much attention as I want to. Don’t worry though, I still love untamedcolor and will continue to post with regularity very soon! It’s just that very soon is not this weekend. Once I get off spring break and back at school I will be able to make better time to queue and the posting will resume! Thank you all for bearing with me, and while I’m making a text post I want to say thank you to all of you for following this blog! To know that what I post makes other people happy is a wonderful reminder and I hope I can continue to do that! Also, feel free to leave messages and questions in the ask box if you want!

Whew, sorry that ended up a lot longer than I anticipated! Thanks for hanging in there, and I hope you have a wonderful day. :) 

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